Adil Kaya, CEO SIGOS

Adil Kaya


In my career at SIGOS of more than 25 years I have visited our telecommunications business customers around almost half of the world and learned to recognise a ‘developed’ country. This is a country where people talk a lot about getting the right work–life balance. Obviously, quality of life is extremely important.

More and more, whilst crossing continents, I have also been faced in executive meetings with another type of question about the right balance between investment and Quality of Service. This is always a good signal as it shows that SIGOS has become known as a synonym for quality.

Somehow, it seems that there is a link between each of these balances, getting quality both in life and in business.

Considering all the technological innovations in the last hundred years, we can say that the quality of human life has improved dramatically. Initially only in a few countries, innovations particularly in IT and communication technologies have helped to distribute this improved quality of life rapidly to all countries worldwide, even to the small villages of the world. This is another balance in an ongoing process which makes us happy.

It’s not wrong to say that being ‘connected’ is now almost a human right when we see how people across the globe are becoming involved in the world economy, in education and in healthcare.

How is SIGOS connected with all these balances?

Our core business is to help you ensure best Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for your end users of communication services, wherever in the world they are. We simply provide you with the right active testing tools and expertise for the optimisation of your business. We are not actively testing for you the quality of red wine from the Pauillac region of Bordeaux. No, we are helping you to manage innovation in the world of mobile and Internet technology – in a key area for humanity and for business.

How are we doing it? We support you in getting another perspective on your networks and a more balanced view with testing in a wide range of areas, from service quality to roaming testing, from Fraud Detection to billing verification for Revenue Assurance and from sophisticated core network testing up to app testing on smartphones.

For more information about us you could simply ask any of our more than 430 existing customers, from mobile and fixed operators to multiple international carriers, regulators and service providers all around the world. Or you could just contact me directly.

Let me close with a few words about our company. Our HQ is in Germany but we act worldwide, in 151 countries. Our expert staff are international and intercultural, speaking more than 30 native languages. Together with our global consulting and partner network, we are committed to being your partner worldwide whilst being at your side locally, in your culture. We act internationally, delivering active testing that increases your revenue and helps you avoid fraud. We aim to do this in an environment that places the highest value on humanity – and we always work at the highest quality levels.

We are simply proud to do this.